Stretching By Machine


Tools required for Machine Stretching:

Tensador Stretching Machine, Staples, staple gun and stretching pliers. For preservation framing use stainless steel staples to prevent rusting.



Stretching pliers some times might be needed to fine tune stretch.



Long nose Pneumatic staple gun and stainless steel staples.



Mark canvas for stretcher bar placement:

Visual Method: Backlight canvas to visually mark placement for stretcher bar.



Mark canvas for stretcher bar placement:

Carbon Paper Method: Rub a pencil on paper to make carbon paper.



Mark canvas for stretcher bar placement:

Use a carpenters awl and rub the canvas on the paper.



Mark canvas for stretcher bar placement:

Voila it is marked!



Line up the stretcher bar to your marks.



Staple the first edge.



Here is completion of first edge stapled.
Machine 1

Insert second edge into stretching machine.


Machine 2

Use foot switch to close stretching machine gripper. Than push print down to tighten canvas.


Machine 3

If doing a standard stretch, you now can staple edge.


Machine 4

If doing a gallery wrap, flip pneumatic lever to raise canvas up.


Machine 5

Use this technique of adding tape on edge if canvas is to short.


Machine 7

Here is the canvas stretcher bar raised after flipping the pneumatic lever.



Gallery wrap: Now staple canvas to back of stretcher bar



Now fold 3rd edge, same as hand stretch. Insert into stretcher machine and repeat same previous steps to tighten and staple.


Machine 9

Front view of canvas stretcher bar raised ready to staple back side for a gallery wrap