Embellishing Examples


A wide selection of brushes will allow you to create the strokes and textures you need to embellish your prints.


Palette Knives

Palette knives are also great embellishing tools.


Heavy Texture

For a really heavily textured look we start by using a large palette knife.



We continue to spread out Eco Elegance over the entire print.


Palette knife

We now use the palette knife to create texture following the shape and feel of the image.


create texture

We add finishing touches and texture using a brush



Experiment with brushes and palette knifes to give the directional flow, stroke and texture that feels right to you. Follow shapes, lines, movement and light direction in the image.


Light brush strokes

Here is a example of using really light strokes to create a gentler effect, only selectively adding Eco Elegance where desired.

Remember nothing is wrong, every stroke make each print a unique one of a kind, that is what is so cool about Eco Elegance, experiment have fun!