Spray Techniques and Patterns

  • Proper spray technique is very important to achieve a good finish.
  • Always spray at a distance of 6 to 8 inches from your target.
  • Keep the gun vertical and parallel to your target throughout each entire pass.
  • Make sure that your wrist remains firm during each pass.
  • More detailed spraying can be done with the gun tip as close as 2 inches from your target.
  • Trigger the gun only after your pass begins, and release the trigger before stopping your motion.
  • Do not angle your gun upward or downward while spraying. Angled spraying will develop an uneven paint buildup.
  • Overlap your passes approximately 50% for an even finish.

Horizontal Spray Pattern

  • Over spray the end of the print, then return to the left with 50% overlapped on the first pass and with 50% on the untreated media.Spray Pattern Horizontal
  • Repeat overlapping pattern until the whole print is sprayed.
  • *Alternative: Spray 2 passes at start and end, with 50% overlap on all other passes.

    Vertical Spray Pattern

    • Start in the upper left corner.
    • Spray in a VERTICAL direction down with the 50% of the spray on the print and 50% overlapped over the edge.
    • Return to the top with 50% overlapped the first pass and 50% on untreated (once coated) media.
    • Repeat until the whole print is sprayed.
    • Dry completely, (when coating becomes clear).
    • Higher humidity will take longer.
    • The next coat can be applied when the second coating is dry to the touch and the milky white appearance has disappeared 20 minutes minimum.